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The story of my book

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“Digital Disruption on Marketing and Communications” sets out the new frontier of marketing and communication through real case histories. Companies must rethink their traditional approaches to successfully face the upcoming challenges. They must learn how to innovate and change things when they go well. New emerging technologies such as AI and IoT are the new frontiers of the digital transformation that are radically changing the way consumers and companies communicate and engage with each other. Marketing makes a company a change-maker, while communications tell the story to engage customers and stakeholders. The book introduces brand positioning (to match brand values and consumers’ attributes), and brand as human being (to raise trust, loyalty and engagement among customers and stakeholders), through Enel X and its partnership with Formula E in the e-mobility case, and the PMI case (its disruptive effect on tobacco industry). After a deep analysis of the disruptive effects on business models of the digital transformation, the book explores digital communications through the Pietro Coricelli case (how a well-designed digital strategy can raise reputation and sales). The book also provides a new holistic approach and identifies a future leader, through the H-FARM case (how to disrupt business models and education), and provides an understanding of the evolution of the strategic, organisational, and behavioural model.

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