What does it mean to be brave and what does it imply in terms of choices, consequences and responsibilities?

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While no one has ever boasted of having a great fear, everyone tries to boast of fearless bravery, such as an ancient knight! The bravery is an absolute and amazing value, bringing positivity and energy on our lives and on those of other people around us.

Bravery can take different forms: bravery of mind, heart, words, behaviors, actions. History gives us many examples of brave heroes and the movies iconography is full of them.

We could start to talk about bravery of small things, such as the capability to always take responsibility for what we say and do, even if it is inconvenient. The true masters of that are the children: winners, brave, daring, reckless, sometimes wild! Children teach us the bravery to get out of the comfort zone, in order to explore and discover unknown and unusual lands, where to live new experiences and new emotions. Most people find very hard to get out of the comfort zone in order to follow different paths and to discover completely different worlds, full of opportunities that often remain in oblivion to most people.

From children we can also learn the bravery to share, without being afraid to ask for help. People are extremely resistant to sharing and simply asking for help because it is considered a sort of shameful demerit. At the same time, children teach us the bravery to be kind in a world fed by hatred and divisions, because everyone is always too busy in envying, criticizing, pointing.

Above all, the most wonderful example of children is the bravery to mistaken, without being afraid of it, because mistakes and failure help to grow. There is a widespread perception of failure as an outcast. It is a cultural legacy, according to which those who fail are people to look at with compassion and even with suspicion. A very debatable concept, because failure should be a key moment in an individual’s learning experience.

All the above-mentioned are types of bravery. And bravery is a key value to one of the most fundamental capabilities for a successful future, the resilience: only a bold spirit knows how to bring out the best from a mess!

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