The Marketing in the future company

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Marketing is how to run a company and to make it a change-maker

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Marketing is a way to do and run business, not a simple company department. It is how to design, plan, distribute, communicate, deliver value to customer, through the satisfaction of the market needs (possibly, even those ones not yet expressed). The list of examples is long: when Steve Jobs worked to make a computer available in each family in the world, he was focusing on potential (not yet expressed) needs. The home computer market did not yet exist, and Apple created it. When Red Bull launched the first energy drink, the product was oriented to students in order to provide them with strong energy drink to well perform in the study. Despite the presence of Coke and Pepsi, Red Bull created the energy drink market.

In this perspective, marketing can make an organisation change maker in terms of innovation and value.

At a parallel level, Public Relations’ mission aims at building stable relationships and strategic links with many companies’ stakeholders. In a pure communication perspective, a company has to deal with many channels and differentiated and customised contents. While Marketing must build the differentiation and the positioning of the brand, communications must define how to communicate and influence the internal and the external stakeholders because of the final company purpose to create value to market.

Marketing should trace the strategic guideline, and how to build and deliver value to loyal customers. Communication and public relations should be the melting point of different and plural interests, capable to build a bridge among different stakeholders and to assure the relationships being beneficial to all them.

Marketing and Communications must work together to create a deep and involving customer journey, both online and offline, thanks to the new marketing frontiers bringing new and innovative tools. In the digital transformation era, marketing must target the right customers, exploit as best as possible the market opportunities, engage the customers in a long and stable consumer journey through unique experiences aimed at making the customers themselves brand ambassadors. The link between marketing and communication must root in the common effort to build the company reputation, to engage customers and stakeholders through differentiated channels and platforms.

Peter Drucker stated it very well many years ago: “A company has only two basic functions: innovation and marketing”.

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