The new generations are revolutionizing the organizational rules in the companies. The revolution is on going…

Young people under 30 represent over 50% of today’s global population, and the figure will reach 75% by 2030. Youth in the digital age are introducing a new culture of values. unique perceptions and expectations in the workplace that are transforming the work, a transformation which the companies have to deal with in order to attract (and retain) the best talents.

Young people aim to contribute substantially to the company’s vision and strategy. They want to feel their involvement in what the company wants to achieve. To the aim, it is important to support them with an valuable service of tutorship and mentorship in order to start them up to the different tasks and constantly support their development. Companies will get many benefits.

The new generations have to learn more to improve their work experience: the CEO at Microsoft, Satya Nadella, made an interesting observation when he said “what defines me … I am a lifelong student “. Failure should be an integral part of this process, a true learning experience!

Finally, the issue related to the organizational control: the common belief is that the lack of monitoring makes employees less productive, that is why we have rigid working hours, fixed positions in the office and control. The talents will run away from such organizations: autonomy does not hinder performance, the focus has to be on the tasks, not where or when these tasks are performed! There are platforms, such as Fiverr, where you can get all the specialists you need!

Unfortunately, according to many surveys, most managers do not create environments where people feel at ease to express what they think, in particular when they have different positions. That is why, guys, do not be dazzled by the glitter of the brands or stars: it is not so important to join to a big corporation, but look at your tasks and your boss. The tasks will make you understand the different business areas at a company and your real attitude. Your boss should be your mentor, who will lead and help you to pull out your talent!

You could get that kind of experience in a very flexible and not-structured company, such as Small- Medium sized Companies, true and authentic gyms!

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