As the digital economy is advancing rapidly, we have to wonder how to raise people’s trust in the upcoming digital world.

The digital economy is one of the few certainties in an uncertain world. But the pace and intensity of this type of economy will depend on its degree of use: if we want to spread as much as possible the coming prosperity, we have to make everyone more involved and optimistic about our place in the digital world!

Dentsu Aegis has developed the Digital Society Index 2018, a ranking of countries in according to three elements: dynamism, inclusion and trust. It is based on a survey on a 20,000-people sample in the world. While many countries are making significant progress in building a digital economy, such as UK, USA and China, others are lagging behind.

The survey also shows that people around the world are less positive about the digital economy than anyone might expect: the confidence index is 45%, and means that almost half people are not optimistic about the future of the digital economy.

However, the survey’s results also show that we can do much more!

It is essential, for example, to offer regular digital training, to increase trust in the use of personal data with regard to privacy issues, to feed the centric-role of people in the digital processes. Surprisingly, most people with average or above average digital skills believe that the companies they work for do not give them the opportunity to make full use of their skills. This represents a waste of potential that requires different approaches to lead agile and innovative work environments. Furthermore, there is a need of doing more on the communication side: companies can and must nurture a positive sentiment for digital economy and digital channels, and highlight the benefits of the digital economy. To the aim, companies have to assure openness, total transparency, and a positive emotional impact related to content, products and services. Companies need to be clear about how they actively contribute to advancing society in order to feed optimism in digital world. The communications have to be linear, clean, simple, and capable to make people feel the real and tangible benefits of the digital world.

It is time for governments and companies to make digital more “personal”!

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