How the emerging digital technologies are questioning what and how we learn, at school and at university

Does the school teach what is really important to survive in the job market of the future?

If we insist in following the traditional pathway, based on traditional skills, traditional lectures in the traditional class, conceptual, in order to learn what is taught without critical thinking on the student side, the answer is definitely No!

The education system and its traditional set-up do no longer work. I’m afraid the pit stop will not be fast!

The skills required by the actual and future job market change so fast that no education system can keep up. The required skills are completely new, radically different and often not yet codified for learning systems.

Youth need to learn skills such as #socioemotionalintelligence, empathy, through which to improve intercultural interactions, #creativity, through which to build a winning approach to problem solving and innovation, #resilience, through which being always ready and reactive to adapt quickly and positively to changes.

The emerging technologies, often perceived as a sort of dark evil, can be the source of change for the education systems.

We need to challenge the current education programs, which are not able to meet the requirements of the future job markets. We need to reform both the contents of the programs and the methods of teaching: children, for example, are creative geniuses, and yet, through conventional and traditional school practices, they gradually lose that spontaneous and huge creativity.

Concepts such as the educational game, the Augmented Reality to teach Geography or Virtual Reality to take the kids on a Museum tour, in order to assure learning experience, seem science-fiction rather than extremely real things to do.

We complain about cyberbullying or online pornography, but we do not teach our children the use of social media, and we talk about the so-called DQ, ie the Digital Intelligence Quotient, to educate and grow aware and responsible digital citizens.

We have to transform education into something generated by experience. The education system have to enhance the critical thinking rather than passively teaching the fields. That will make youth free and autonomous in thought! In a country such as Italy, always the #cradleforculture, this path should be obvious!

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