A country that is giving a unique example of cooperation and innovation to all over the world.

$ 39 billion globally: this is the additional amount estimated by UNESCO that countries should spend each year to offer quality education to children. With this new challenge, India is doing a lot: a country with over 1.2 billion people, of which 600 million are under 26 years old. The Indian Government has to create 12 million new jobs every year for the next ten years, to keep up with the new entrants the job market. Dizzying figures, which would make anyone dwarf!

This job creation is impossible without quality education, yet India is doing something unique. We are talking about a country with a strong government leadership, an NGO every 400 people and the duty for companies to give 2% their profits to charity.

In India they think that education is not an issue of innovation, but rather an issue of governance, that’s is why the need for an ecosystem. To the aim, Matterfund was launched, a platform created by Indian Government members, business community and education system, to the aim of mapping all the stakeholders involved in the education system: government officials, networks of primary and secondary education, iso as to make it easier to investors, and so on.

In this way, each local or national government agency can easily check what is happening in their region, the international investors can have a better understanding of how to invest in the country; a school initiative can identify a network of potential donors. With the support of GEMS Education, Pearson and other organizations, Matterfunds began testing this model in South Africa, with 132 organizations with 20,000 connections and $ 149 million of potential funding.

In India they are doing something exceptional and remarkable: India has become a lab for best practices aimed to share innovations with countries around the world and to innovate and transform the #educationsystems.

In India, and also in other countries, a real revolution of cultural and social innovation has broken out, while in Italy we continue to believe to be the #cradleforculture!

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