Build your Personal Branding – 3/3! Let us close this range of tips on some relevant steps of our Personal Branding and let us talk about reputation.

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Our personal brand is a sort of very personal trademark capable of influencing our life. Not only professionally speaking!

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The concept of brand and branding is born at a business level and aims at creating the brand through which to identify a product, a products’ category, a service or a company. There are very famous brands such as Coke, Ferrari, Apple, Google, Amazon, McDonald’s, just to recall some of them. They are brands capable of evoking powerful associations, both at a functional level, and, above all, at emotional level, that assures memorability and brand loyalty.

In the era of social media and digital communication, it is happening that also each person can have a Personal Brand aimed at being evocative of a specific idea and feeling about that person. Regardless the type of activity we are committed to, Personal Branding is a fundamental element for building our online reputation (but also offline) and for success. The first thing that everyone does before meeting a new person is to google the name and people in general tend to give increasing reliability and trust to online searches. For example, HR Departments and head hunters use social media massively in their selection processes.

By Personal Brand, therefore, we mean the type of public image which each of us aims to achieve for the target through the communication of values, beliefs, goals and intentions. Personal Brand is a combination of skills and experiences that makes each one unique, just like a product or a service. That is why everyone has a Personal Brand, intentionally or not, based on behavior, communication style, contents. To the aim, it is worthwhile to act intentionally to assure that our Personal Brand is effective and works for us. Here are some tips.

Find the right network: some people can strongly affect our professional career by acting as mentors, hiring us or introducing us to someone who will hire us. It can be hard to reach those people, thus a strong Personal Brand will help us to make ourselves distinctive by making sure that others are interested in us thanks to an attractive Personal Brand.

Be authoritative in a specific field: exactly like it happens among companies, even for your Personal Brand there will be a competitive arena made up of other people who compete on the same customers or on the same potential employers. That is why focusing on a field of specialization and competence will help the recognition of our Personal Brand and to achieve our goals faster because we will attract opportunities consistent with our profile.

Create an effective story-telling: pay attention to your personal narrative because the way people describe and represent their lives to themselves and to others depends on the personality and can affect psychological and emotional well-being. It is not simply a matter of telling a chronological sequence of events, but a selection of the most important and significant events that have changed the path of our life.

Our Personal Brand is the foundation of our reputation, that is the vanguard of every personal and professional success. Controlling our Personal Brand means telling ourselves how we mean others to perceive us. It is a matter of taking care of the aspects of our personal and professional features to present ourselves in the best and most authentic possible way.

The Personal Brand is not just a trademark, but it is a way of taking our place in the world!

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