Build your Personal Branding – 1/3! Here is a short journey through how to build a Personal Branding with cv, dress code and reputation.

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The cv is the business card and the most important point of sale of a junior or a senior applicant. Are we really sure we have well written it?

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We are at the beginning of the summer and it is also about to begin the traditionally warmest period to send CVs, since after the summer break the companies look around to renew their human resources.

That is why we will discuss of the famous curriculum vitae, aimed at convincing a recruiter to call us for an interview (and hopefully to hire us!). Although there are many tools to “assess” an applicant and the typical information of a cv can now be found even on a social network, such as LinkedIn, the cv remains an important tool to describe competences and experiences, the first pre-recruiting tool to give an introduction of what an applicant could bring to a company. However, it is important to observe some principles.

How to write a cv effectively? Let’s try to identify some essential suggestions.

Customization. It is essential to customize the cv according to the recipient, changing language and using specific keywords rather than others aimed at the specific position and the specific company. Never standardize!

Introduction. The CV must always start with the so-called executive summary, a professional summary of experiences, skills and objectives, in few lines.

Professional experiences. Be sure to specify dates, companies, roles by each experience. It is also important to give further details of the activities and to highlight the achievements. Better to mention the organizational report, eventual team, as well as the eventual budget. Do give evidence only of the most recent experiences in case of a long professional career.

General Info. If the city of residence is far from the place of work, it is better not to mention any address, and to show up with personal details and an email address (hopefully, normal!).

Interests. In addition to training and experiences, a good CV must give the right space to personal interests and to sporting activities, that can tell a lot in terms of attitudes and soft skills.

However, the key word must be creativity. A right use of graphic elements can help to catch the attention. There are many free tools helping to build CVs more creatively, such as Canva or Picktochart that offer very distinctive templates even in the free version. In the middle of the digital revolution, we should avoid the EU cv template! The creative organization of the contents through the use of graphics is a sort of competitive advantage. And our personal brand begins to gain credits!

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